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April Nominees


Mai Quynh Anh

Nominated by Keith Turney
Mai Quynh Anh...nominate for neighbor of the month. The masks she and her friends are making will make a difference and hopefully help curb this BS.

Mirna Vega

Nominated by Micheal Helton
Mirna Vega is one of the hard working ladies on the Dawson Student Nutrition team serving meals every day.


Micheal Helton

Micheal has been ensuring that all kids are being feed daily through Hillsborough free lunch and breakfast at Dawson.

Helen Hardman

Helen has been sewing masks to keep people safe also.


Meet the  next Generation of Triple Creek

Meet Alexis


Alexis Jordan is a 11 year old 6th grader that attends Southshore Charter Academy. She was born and raised in Florida. She has 3 cats named GusGus, Rey, and jack. She just welcomed the newest addition to her family a 8 week old husky puppy named Leia. Alexis has always enjoyed the out doors even at a young age. She was excited to move into the Triple Creek Community when she saw the lake and ponds with wildlife in and around them. When she was younger she loved going to Turtle Park and fishing with her family. She loves and respects the outdoors knowing that we must take care of it to ensure the wildlife is safe. She wants to do something related in the animal field as a career someday.